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About Chinese Culinary Institute

About Chinese Culinary Institute

Chinese cuisine has a long and venerable history; food is more than simple sustenance, it is an integral part of the culture. It is also one of the world’s most favourite cuisines, taken to all corners of the earth by the extensive Chinese diaspora.

Hong Kong, with its own vibrant culture and well-established tourism industry, may be the spiritual home of Cantonese cuisine, but here in the city one will find restaurants specialising in dishes from all regions of the mainland.

Being one of the Capital Millennium Projects initiated by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) provides both full-time and part-time programmes to youngsters and practicing chefs in the industry who wish to obtain or upgrade their qualifications in Chinese Cuisine.


  • To provide systematic training in Chinese cuisine for beginners and practicing chefs who wish to obtain or upgrade their professional qualifications
  • To elevate the professional standard and status of Chinese Chefs in order to strengthen Hong Kong’s reputation as the “Culinary Capital of Asia”
  • To establish Hong Kong as a regional accreditation centre in Chinese cuisine by introducing “One Trade Test, Two Qualifications” trade test system
  • To promote the deep-rooted heritage of the Chinese culinary art - by offering culinary interest courses for overseas tourists