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Chinese Provincial Cuisine

Chinese Provincial Cuisine

With a rich heritage in versatility and delicate culinary know-how, Chinese cuisine is considered to be one of the four national treasures. For a long time, it has earned great honour and praise from around the world. Today, with advancement in communication, the exchange of culinary cultures has resulted in a more extensive and systematic development in Chinese cuisine.

Eastern China: Jiangsu / Zhejiang Cuisine

Situated in the Yangtze Delta, the region enjoys a close proximity to water, a mild climate, fertile soil and convenient transportation. Since its opening in the mid-19th century, it has been the centre of commercial and cultural activities. Shanghai, Jinling, Huiyang, Ningbo and Hangzhou cuisine all belong to this category, while each retains its own local style.

Southern China: Guangdong / Fujian Cuisine

Guangzhou is proud to be the traditional southern gateway to China. It is an important trading port for the Mainland and overseas. The concentration of prominent businessmen and diplomats has fuelled the fast growth of the region’s cuisine. This has resulted in a unique blend of northern and southern style Chinese cuisine, as well as western influences on traditional Chinese flavours. Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Dongjiang, Fujian and Xiamen cuisine share this special southern flair, whilst maintaining their own uniqueness.

Western China: Sichuan / Hunan Cuisine

Sichuan is a bountiful province situated on a western plateau in China. Traditionally it is regarded as the Blessed Kingdom as the area boasts an abundant agricultural production. With mountain ranges towards the west, Dongtinghu in the north and rolling plains in the south, the cuisine is famous for its diverse flavours.

Northern China: Beijing / Shandong Cuisine

Historically, Beijing has been the paramount city of Northern China in politics, economics and culture. As a capital, it has attracted revered chefs from different corners of the nation, creating an enriching style of Beijing cuisine. The Shandong peninsula is situated at the estuary of the Yellow River where natural resources are rich and bountiful. Beijing, Imperial, Jinan and Jiaotong cuisine are the most popular cuisine in Northern China.

Food Capital of the East: Hong Kong Cuisine

Hong Kong is a quintessential financial centre in Southern China. Thanks to its cultural, geographical and historical background, Hong Kong has transformed from a fishing village to a modern metropolitan city where all kinds of trades meet. As a result of the close contact with different parts of the world, the gastronomic scene in Hong Kong is vibrant and unique. Chinese, South East Asian, European and American cuisine can be savoured everywhere. Traditional and avant grade dishes co-exist in harmony. That’s why Hong Kong has earned its fame as a gastronomic capital and the centre of Chinese cuisine in the region.