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With an aim of preserving the deep-rooted heritage of Chinese culinary arts, the Chinese Culinary Institute has produced a series of videos on classic Chinese dishes for sharing with industry professionals and culinary aficionados alike.

Nostalgic Cantonese cuisine

Hong Kong economy has continued to undergo rapid growth since 50s. Some popular dishes at that time cannot be found easily nowadays due to the reason that restaurants can hardly afford manpower for such sophisticated cooking process; or simply, the change of people’s diet.  Aiming at preserving the authentic taste of our city’s old signature recipes, CCI has revitalized 10 dishes and recorded how the dishes should be made.

CCI photoBarbecued Chicken Liver and Pork Medallions
CCI photoDeep-fired Chicken with “Four Treasures”
CCI photoWalnut Soup with Nostoc Commune
CCI photoBird’s Nest and Partridge Porridge
CCI photoChicken Wings Stuffed with Jinhua Ham, Black Mushroom and Winter Bamboo Shoot Strips
CCI photoPan-fried Shredded Venison Tenderloin and Wattle-necked Softshell Turtle Shell Margin with Julienne of Assorted Vegetables
CCI photoDeep-fried Chicken Testis Egg Custard and Daliang-style Meat Rolls
CCI photoPan-fried Tea-smoked Silver Pomfret Served with Fruit Salad
CCI photoStewed Duck and Pomelo Pith with Shrimp Roe in Chu Hou Sauce
CCI photoBraised Bamboo Fungus with Deep-fried Pigeon Eggs, Crab Meat and Crab Roe
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Nuptial dinner of Qing Dynasty

The nuptial dinner was a constituent ceremonial act of the Qing royal wedding. CCI recreated nine dishes in the Nuptial dinner menu, featuring culinary creations with auspicious meanings as well as delicacies that illustrate the special plating technique of using Chinese characters to decorate dishes. This first attempt of recreation provides a ground for further studies.
The video was produced for Hong Kong Heritage Museum (HKHM) ’s “Ceremony and Celebration – The Grand Weddings of the Qing Emperors” exhibition, co-organized by Leisure and Cultural Services Department and The Palace Museum, and jointly presented by HKHM and The Palace Museum; sole sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

CCI photoRoasted Lamb  (Yang Wu Cha)
CCI photoShredded Pork Shank in Two Ways with Bird’s Nest and the Character “Feng” (Phoenix)
CCI photoDouble-Boiled Duck Soup with Bird’s Nest and Ginseng
CCI photoPoached Dumplings with Assorted Nuts and Dried Fruits (Zisun Bobo)
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Hong Kong Snacks

Local snacks have always been a much-loved part of Hong Kong food culture. In order to sustain Hong Kong’s unique gastronomic culture, CCI has produced publications to record over 60 recipes which are created by the Institute and famous local snack shops.  Furthermore, videos of 16 popular local snacks as well as interesting stories about local snack culture are archived with a view to preserving the information.

CCI photoThe Hong Kong Local Snacks series: the production story

CCI photoStuffed Three Treasures

CCI photoDeep-fried Glutinous Rice Balls (Jin Dui)

CCI photoSalt-baked Quail Eggs

CCI photoHakka Tea Cakes (Hakka Cha Guo)

CCI photoImitation Shark’s Fin Soup

CCI photoStir-fried Glutinous Rice

CCI photoEgg Tart (Daan Taat)

CCI photoDragon’s Beard Candy (Hand-pulled Candy)

CCI photoTofu Pudding (Bean Curd Pudding)

CCI photoWonton Noodles

CCI photoTurnip Cake

CCI photoEgg Waffles

CCI photoAnecdotes about pan-fried, deep-fried and baked food

CCI photoAnecdotes about steamed, braised & stir-fried food

CCI photoAnecdotes about desserts & sweet soups

CCI photoAnecdotes about noodles, cakes & specialty snacks

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